2021 Positive Doodles Calendar

Positive Doodles by Jess Telmanik

2021 Positive Doodles Calendar

From 2015-2019, I created a Positive Doodles Calendar.

And then I didn't make one for 2020. WELL, we all saw how 2020 has gone.

Despite definitely feeling some 2020 burnout now... I just really don't think I should skip another calendar year...

NOW before you go... "OMG why would I buy a calendar, these things were worthless this year!!" And I'm broke!!!

Just remember a 2021 Positive Doodles Calendar has many uses:

- Recording the days you put on pants.
- Planning out how many bottles of wine you need to buy.
- A place to record each day something good that happened (like brushing your hair and putting on pants. Seriously it's on the bad days that you need to count the good things, however small.)

Order your 2021 Positive Doodles Calendar today!

What you get:

- 12 Colorful pages to help get you through not only 2021 but also each and every day. Bonus, if you really love a page, at the end of the year... frame it! Bonus art to hang on your walls!
- Support an artist!
- Basically preventing 2021 from getting worse than 2020. *Fingers crossed*

Namaste Mofos!

Anticipated delivery by the 2nd week of December.
Please contact create@jesstelmanik.com for any special ordering requests or for more information on bulk orders.

We cannot 100% guarantee all orders can be fulfilled in time for the holidays due to the possibility of Godzilla, Zombies or an alien attack (because it is 2020). But I believe in the power of positivity and promise to get your calendars to you ASAP (they should arrive with plenty of time but... it's 2020 and just want to cover all bases)!