Positive Doodles started from personally dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks for way too long. In 2014 after years of anxiety, I started “doodling” quotes that I liked. My thought was if I spent time focusing on a positive message, it’s less time that I’m focusing on all of the negative thoughts!

4 years later, I’m still doodling and I’ve learned that no matter how much sh*t life throws at us... when we remember to focus on our goals and ALL of the small and big things we have to be grateful for... that’s when the magic happens.

I figured since I have all of these doodles laying around from over the years... I'd put them to good use... this is PositiveDoodles.com by Laugh Love Creative, subscribe to our Newsletter to follow along with us! This store is just the beginning and we hope you enjoy the ride!

Namaste mofo's ;)

Laugh Love Creative